Monday, 1 February 2016

Superdrug Vitamin E Skincare Moisture Boost Facial Serum and Toning Mist

In need of a new toner or facial serum but not willing to break the bank? I think it's time you give Superdrug a try. Their Vitamin E skin care line is one of the best things I've stumbled upon in a loooong time! It's affordable, but does a great job.

I found with toners, they can be a bit too much in your skincare routine. So when I saw there was a toner mist, I grabbed it and threw it in my basket. I find it refreshing in the morning as a little "wake me up" or to freshen up tired or dry skin.

The serum is amazing. It doesn't feel heavy or clog my skin. Definitely a light-weight serum, which is perfect just before bed. The vitamin E in the products really helps to nourish the skin and put the moisture back into that dull and dry winter face.

The smell of these is a fresh scent, nothing overly potent and they come in sturdy packaging. Perfect for on the go!

For person with a budget...I'd give it a try!