Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The Great British Beach Clean! #GBBC

September has arrived but are we really ready to say goodbye to summer just yet? With the gorgeous sunshine still blazing down on us, I think it’s safe to say that really…summer isn’t officially over. What’s the first thing you associate with summer sunshine? Beaches.

Now being the proud Cornish girl that I am, I love the beaches that we have here in Cornwall. However, there are also many other beautiful beaches sprawled across our British coast in need of some TLC.

The summer months are the best times to visit the beaches, however, unfortunately it can lead to a large amount of litter and rubbish being scattered across the sand and sadly going into our waters. Luckily starting this September, the multi award winning holiday parks Parkdean are on a mission to clean up our British beaches with the help of their friends at the Marine Conservation Society and hopefully…YOU!

 From the 19th to the 22nd of September, Parkdean are hosting 15 beach cleans in total and supporting the events of a further 6, so wherever you are there’s a beach ready for your help! No matter whether you are in Wales, Scotland or England, there’s a place for your volunteering skills to be put to good use.

Here are the beach cleans and the dates and times you need to know.

Signing up is incredibly simple. Just click here, fill out the necessary information and away you go!

No need to worry about equipment as all will be provided by Parkdean! Just wear sensible clothing, slap on some sun cream and grab your hat ready for some beach fun. (There might even be some refreshments for you to tuck into as well!)

Our aim is to make Britain’s beaches cleaner, not only for just marine wildlife but also your children and families. Bring everyone and anyone you know to these big events, we’re in need of your help! Friends, family, work colleagues and neighbours can all join you on this great day out on the beach!  Let’s make our beaches clean again with the Great British Beach Clean! #GBBC

(Please make sure under 18s are accompanied by an adult. You can find the parental consent form here )

If you wish to find out more about the Marine Conservation Society you can find them here
Want to check out Parkdeans? You can find their website right here

Hopefully, we’ll meet on the beach!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in the shade '080 Strawberry Shortcake'

 So yes, I caved in and bought a Revlon lip butter. Everyone raved about them and in all honesty, I was pretty skeptical about these. They appeared to be glorified lip balms but boy was I wrong.
Originally these retail at £7.99 but luckily not long ago, Boots had a reduction on particular items and the Revlon Lip Butters were being sold for £5.99 (bargain!) So I frantically searched for swatches of the shades in an attempt to find one that I felt I would wear often since I was paying nearly 6 pounds for one. I stumbled across Strawberry Shortcake which I can now say has become one of my favourite makeup products of all time.
 The colour is gorgeous (as you can see below) and has a soft, light pink look on the lips which is perfect for everyday wear. It felt sort of sticky at first, but once worn down a bit it's the right consistency and you become accustomed to the texture. I can easily throw this on without looking in the mirror which is perfect for those in a rush days or even days when you are wearing no makeup to bring a bit of colour to your face. It's surprisingly incredibly moisturising and great for everyday use. All in all, I am fully converted to the Revlon Lip Butter.
What's your opinion on this lip product? Let me know in the comments :)