Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Beauty Bite: Barry M's Matte Nail Paint in 'Vanilla'

I have been itching to get my hands on one of these for a very long time. After a long time standing at the Barry M stand in Superdrug I made one of the hardest decisions a girl can make. Which nail varnish do I get? Gelly, textured or Matte? Which shade? Then this beauty caught my eye. This is the matte nail paint in 'Vanilla'.
This little gem came in at a bank account friendly price of £3.99 which for something as great as this, you can't go wrong. I was worried due to the hype of the 'Gelly' Barry M nail polishes (Which I unfortunately STILL haven't tried) that these would be over-hyped and I would be wasting my money. I could not have been more wrong!! 
 I will admit I expected the colour to be a bit more of a grey shade but I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be a sort of pale purple/muted brown/light grey on my nails. It's an odd colour to describe but I  love it! I wouldn't say that 'Vanilla' suited the colour of the polish but we'll let that slide...

This applied really well! I was worried about it drying too quickly but it didn't. It gave you enough time to apply it before it dried but when it was applied, it dried so much more quickly than I had originally anticipated. 

I applied one coat of this nail varnish and it gave one even thick layer which didn't need an extra coat which is something I always look for! (I'm too impatient for applying loads of coats of nail varnish!) So far no chipping, but that's only with a few hours wear, we'll see how it holds up!

(Excuse the cuticles.)

I say give it a go! 
Any other shades I should try?
Or any other nail polishes I should give a go?
Don't be shy! Let me know in the comments section!

Friday, 7 February 2014

Beauty Bite: My Top 3 Favourite Necklaces

I actually ordered this necklace off Ebay. It was  a recent purchase but I new the minute I saw it, I just had to get it! It's absolutely adorable! It's a dainty silver coloured necklace with two lovebirds sat on a branch. I bought it for £2.50 but the person who sold it actually has their own website which I linked below! The website has some gorgeous stuff on it, so take a look on there too.

Click on the picture above to be directed to the website. (I purchased all of these with my own money. Nothing is PR related. Just spreading the jewellery love!)

Next is a beautiful silver daisy chain necklace. Each flower has a gem in the centre. I actually noticed this necklace after I was hunting for the actual daisy chain necklaces I'd seen in Claire's Accessories and Accessorize. In one of my local sea side towns there are many little boutiques which sell gorgeous pieces like this one. This cost me £12 but I use it all the time so the money was worth it!

And finally, this is a little bargain from Matalan! It was on sale for £2 and came with a pair of 'pearl' earrings. This is another necklace that goes with nearly anything and that I adore. It's actually heavier than I expected but I still love it!
As you can probably tell, I love silver jewellery! Those were my favourite necklaces in my jewellery stand, what are yours? Feel free to link any posts to your fav jewellery below!

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Beauty Battle: Battle of the Lip Scrubs!

It's battle of the lip scrubs! It's Lush's SANTA'S Lip Scrub VS. ELF's Lip Exfoliator. Let's see the pros of each product...

ELF Lip Exfoliator:
  • Gets rid of dry lips
  • Perfect for using before applying lipstick
  • Smells amazing (A sort of sweet, cocoa/sugar smell)
  • Moisturises at the same time
  • Handy lipstick shape for easy application
  • Cheap price (£3.75)
  • Expensive looking packaging

Lush Lip Scrub:
  • Gets rid of dry lips
  • Perfect for using before applying lipstick
  • Even more amazing smell (Cola flavour)
  • Small pot which can be easily put in your bag
  • Tastes really nice
  • Gives your lips a hint of colour (Slight red)
  • This was originally £5.50 (Like the other lip scrubs in the original line) but this was in the sale for £2.25
  • Cute packaging
And the winner is...
The Lush Lip Scrub! This may be a little bit more expensive, but it never fails me! Tastes lovely, no harmful chemicals, all natural, great packaging and gives the lips a lovely colour! Try one of the Lush lip scrubs and the ELF Lip Exfoliators to be rid of that annoying dry skin this Winter! 
Give them a try!