Friday, 5 July 2013

Today's Beauty Bite: MUA's Mosaic Blush in English Rose


For a long time I've been using Collection's blush which costs around £4-£5 which for the amount of product was a little much. The thing is...I'm clumsy and more often than not I tend to drop my make up. The worst thing is that I've made a horrible habit of dropping my blushes. This time was the last straw and I decided to change my blush which seemed a big leap for me as I often stick to the same old brands and products.

A while ago I noticed MUA's mosaic blush and bronzers but the bronzers are too dark for me and often look like I've smeared mud and dirt all across my pale face! I'd been considering trying the blush but for some reason the purpley/blue coloured parts of the blush pushed me away from buying it and kind of put me off! But I decided to give it a try!

To be honest this has been one of the best buys I've come across in a loooong time! It was £2.50 which is an incredibly good price for so much product and for such great quality! The blue actually works really well with the other colours, so do not let that stop you from buying it like I did! The colour it gives is a lovely shimmery subtle pink which isn't too in your face and is perfect for a natural look. However I would say that this is better off for paler complexions. Plus it does leave a lot of excess product when you use it, it can be a tad powdery and can go a bit messy. I bought this around 4 months ago and it's still going strong and I have not hit pan yet (That's after using it everyday). I have to say it has become one of my beauty essentials! Don't believe me? Go find out for yourself!
Give it a try!