Friday, 19 July 2013

Beauty Bite: Vivo's Single Eyeshadows, Eyeshadow Trio and Baked Blush!

Beauty Bite: Vivo's Single Eyeshadows, Eyeshadow Trio and Baked Blush! (Lots of pictures)

 Now this I'm excited for! Today I'm reviewing some makeup from the brand 'Vivo' which is exclusive to Tesco. I purchased a baked blush, 4 pearl eyeshadows, 1 matte eyeshadow and an eyeshadow trio. I decided to do this since I've noticed not many people have given these the attention they deserve, so here it is!
Let's begin with the single eyeshadows...
Here's what Vivo have to say! (They say A LOT)
"Single eyeshadows that pack a pigmented punch to your lids!
Bargain price of only £1.50 you wont be disappointed with the performance or the choice of shade, so go on... add one (or two or three!) to your basket now! We’re a little bit smug of our Eyeshadow range. Why are we so smug you ask? Well not only is it full of pigment - the fact they only cost £1.50 each is a pretty good start! But the deal clincher for us at VIVO HQ is how insanely beautiful they are. The Pearl eyeshadows come in 10 shades from bright greens and purples to soft browns and intense blacks. They’re such a fantastic size for the price you pay and will last you ages! Why not try sweeping Goddess all over the lid, Mink through the crease and Espresso in the outer corner for a soft smokey eye? It’s a foolproof £4.50 (3 x £1.50 eyeshadows!) look that you’ll want to rock as soon as you roll out of bed in the morning."
Before we begin, these are slightly older eyeshadows so they have a different packaging, I believe the packaging is now square but they still have the same shades (I checked).
For a start, the colours are just beautiful! Some are subtle like the more brown and gold shades and some are more striking and bolder such as the greens and blues. (I nearly purchased the purple but I resisted). The texture of the shadows is quite nice, slightly creamy but still powdery which makes them easily blendable and less messy. (You know how I hate overly powdery and messy products). When I purchased these they were only £1 but sadly they've risen to £1.50. But don't fret! Online they've been put on sale for only 75p! Such a bargain steal! However, they do tend to fall and end up on your cheeks or under eye area a bit so be careful and they may need touching up every now and then! Another great thing about these is that they are incredibly pigmented! I was shocked at how amazing the colour pay off was for a product so cheap!
Now on to the eyeshadow trio!
Now this one I'm not so sure on!This is a trio eyeshadow palette in the shade 'Sugar Plum' which is a range of purple/pink colours. The colour in the middle is beautifully pigmented like the single eyeshadows but the pink isn't that noticable, probably best off using as a highlighter or a shimmer. The darker colour on the end is also good but comes out a little darker than I expected. They have the same consistency as the single eyeshadows with all the same pros (and the one con). It also comes with a handy sponge applicator for those who don't use brushes, but personally I'm not a fan of sponge applicators as they tend to soak up a lot of the product and the texture isn't all that nice!
Finally the blush!
Before this, I'd never used a baked blush before, so I wasn't too sure what to expect! I chose this in the shade 'Rosy' which is shade 2 but they have a small range of colours to choose from. I bought this at the price of £4 which for the amount you get and the amazing pigmentation, is completely worth it! But because it's so pigmented, try not to apply too much or be heavy handed, this is a strong colour! It has a light shimmer to it, so no need for a highlighter either!
Overall, Vivo is definately an afforable and good quality brand worth checking out!
Give it go!