Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Beauty Bite: FashionistA Blusher and Double Take Lipstick

So I recently had a look at the MUA website to discover the brand of FashionistA! That's not a reoccuring typo there, the 'A' at the end genuinely is capitalised and I have no idea why! If anyone knows, let me know!
I was glad to discover that these items were all on sale! A perfect time to buy a product. I bought a Fashionista blusher in 'glowing' and two Double Take lipsticks in 'Baby doll pink' and 'natural pink'.
Now let's start with the blusher...

MUA's website claims:
"15 amazing shades to suit everyone. They are really soft and pretty, apply to the apples of the cheeks"

I'll admit when I saw the shade online, it looked a lot more of a pink shade but in reality, the blusher is a lot darker than you expect! So don't be fooled by the picture on the website! However, I still like the shade and I will still use it as it's a lovely colour. It's also a much smaller size than I expected, but for the sale price as £1.65 you can't really complain! This is a bargain as the original price previous to FashionsitA becoming part of the MUA brand was £4 which isn't that bad either.
I brushed some on of the blusher and found that it gives a brilliant natural flush to your cheeks which is easily buildable. It also has a slight shimmer in it which gives a nice subtle shine to your cheeks which means in my case, no need for a highlighter! The shimmer isn't too much like some blushers which can often go over the top by adding glitter etc. The consistency is great, being slightly creamy but still a powder. On the other hand, I found that when I use the blusher, it leads to a lot of excess powder and can be a tad messy and also uses up the blusher faster. I wouldn't go as far as calling it chalky, but beware it does get powdery in the packaging when applying.

On to the lipsticks...

Now here come my favourites! I purchased these lovely lipsticks at only £3 which were on sale (Original price £7) in the shades 'Baby doll pink' and 'Natural pink'. I also wished I purchased the shade raspberry but for some odd reason I didn't!

The MUA website says:

"A catwalk essential, our range of long-lasting, colour-rich lipsticks are available in 10 timelessly chic shades and are a favourite at Fashion Week , and for creating on-trend looks on the red carpet. Lusciously creamy in texture, the unique formula leaves a full-pigmented, modern matte finish while hydrating for maximum comfort for high impact, velvety smooth lips."
To start off, I adore the packaging! It's a shiny plastic made to look like metal which makes it seem a lot more expensive than it actually it. Also, the packaging is different! I'm happy to have a lipstick that isn't your typical black packaging which the same shape. Safe to say these are easily recognisable in your makeup bag or handbag!
So MUA say that these are 'long-lasting' and in my opinion they are completely right to say so! These lipsticks last a long amount of time.They stay virtually the same as you applied them for hours!
 The shades are beautiful! I was unbelievably happy with them, they are incredibly pigmented and give lovely matte finish without drying your lips out and making them flaky. The texture is creamy and really nice to apply and the shape of the lipstick makes it easy to fill your lips in with the colour.

Thanks to the long-lasting staying power of the lipsticks, when you take them off they sort of stain your lips lightly so you still have a colour to your lips even after removing the lipstick.
However, I would say make sure that your lips are moisturised before applying this lipstick as it tends to cling on to dry skin which makes your lips appear even more dry.
Overall, I was impressed with FashionistA, especially their lipsticks. However, I will admit I was slightly disappointed with the blusher but yet it was still a good buy for the price I paid. If you have the chance to buy the lipsticks, I definitely would recommend them! If you have tried them or want to try them, let me know what you think!
Give them a go!