Sunday, 7 July 2013

Beauty bite: Take care of your skin...It's Simple!

 Now the sun's coming out it's time to make sure you look after your skin more than ever! Here's my favourite products I use to keep my skin feeling clean and full of moisture.

  Simple's rich moisturiser is the best moisturiser I've ever used! I stumbled upon it and thought I'd give it a go! For £2 I couldn't really argue if it didn't work well. After trying for ages to try and find the perfect moisturiser which suited my sensitive skin, I found Simple!
The thick sun cream-like consistency takes a little getting used to but I've grown to like it. There's sooooo much product in the bottle it's unbelievable! I use it every morning and evening and sometimes during the day and it can last me months.

 And the toner is just as brilliant! It clears away all dirt and leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh without irritating it. I used to find with toners that they would irritate my skin, making it go red and blotchy but this is designed for people with sensitive skin so it's perfect!
I found these products absolutely amazing and are constantly used and repurchased.
Give them a try!