Saturday, 20 July 2013

Beauty Bite: My Handbag Must-Haves all under £5!

Beauty Bite: My Handbag Must-Haves all under £5!
Here are my essential products that I carry around in my bag all the time!
 So these are anti-bacterial wipes, intended for kids but hey, I'm a big kid haha. These are perfect for a quick way of washing your hands and removing dirt so when you're in need and have mucky hands with no water around, these are handy! (Get it?)
 Now these are one of my bargain finds! At home bargains (Where you find bargains) I found these tissues for only 12p! They're useful, small enough to keep in your bag and have such cute packaging!

 This is one of the most important things in my bag. I adore Vaseline! Especially this aloe vera one and the rosy lips one but the rosy one was battered and didn't look too good in the photo, but it's definately a favourite!
These I found at my local 99p store for (you guessed it) 99p. You get 2 hand sanitisers for 99p and I chose these ones in the scent of lime and coriander. They definately leave your hand feeling clean and fresh but still keeping the moisture in! Another good way of cleaning your hands!
 A mirror for those days when you need a bit of a touch up! This one came with a powder brush at the 99p store but the brush wasn't too nice so we'll stick with the mirror!
 If you have an oily T-Zone like me, then you'll have to keep touching up your powder. I've chosen my MUA pressed powder for £1. Here's my review of it:

Body spray is always a must for me! Here's one of my favourites from So...? which is an amazing brand! Love them all! This one is So...? Sinful.
Concealer, for those days when your bags are looking bad, you're having a bad skin day or generally just need a touch up. Now I have to favourites! I have the Collection (2000) Lasting perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer in Light 1 and Light 2 and also MUA's Cover and Conceal.
I tend not to keep lipsticks in my bag unless I'm wearing one that day as I tend to get dry lips and lipstick and dry lips don't go too well together! So I use MUA's Power Pout in the shade 'Brokenhearted' which is great as it gives such a good bright colour but also moisturises your lips!
What are your handbag must-haves?!