Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Home Bargains Mini Shop

Hi there! Just a quick blog post to show you some of the great things I got cheaply at Home Bargains!

 For £1.99, this is the even more affordable version of the tangle teaser. Cheap and works just as well. Fantastic on long hair and they even do a small one too for those of you with short hair! Definitely worth the buy.

 Never really been interested in make-up sponges, so instead of splurging on a more expensive one, I opted for the cheap 59p one instead. Will update with how well this works!
I haven't posted a nail art design in a while, but here are some nail brushes I bought in order to create some new funky nail art designs to share with you! Again, being so affordable, I couldn't leave them there.
 We all know what it's like for a girl finding hair grips. When you don't want them, they're everywhere, when you do, there's none! For 29p, total bargain.
 Finally, a little stationery purchase. I bought these two gorgeous A5 notebooks for 99p each! They look waaaay more expensive and so chic!

I suggest if you wish to try out the latest beauty trends and gadgets, opt for a cheaper version first as a trial run. Bare in mind that they may not give the same effect as the more expensive product, but they give you an idea of how they perform!

What are your recent bargain purchases?