Thursday, 10 September 2015

Maybelline New York Fit Me Concealer in Shade '15'

 So being the sleep-deprived student that I am - often staying up far too late chatting than I should - I am in dire need of a new, hydrating and high-coverage concealer. After having a friend use this often and myself being addicted to my Benefit Fake Up concealer, I thought that this might be an affordable change in my daily routine. Often at the price of £6.99, I was often hesitant to try in case it didn't work. However, Feel Unique's sale saved the day meaning I got it for a little cheaper...perfect time to try!
I chose 15 as 10 actually looked darker than 15! Odd shade range but I went for it. I will admit it has a slight orangey tone to it, but that's perfect for covering up my purple circles under my tired eyes. This works perfectly at masking and keeping those purple hues at bay, however, it still allows my face to look natural and not cakey. It's not drying, irritating or blotchy, so it definitely measures up to the hype and my expectations.

 However, if you are looking a tad tired or often have fine lines either from lack of sleep or smiling too much (another issue I have), this one is best to be used sparingly as is does sink into those unwanted cracks and crevices. Also, it can be so hydrating that it doesn't always stay put. I can slide around and with the slight touch all rub off. So it needs to be well powdered but not so  much that it looks thick.

Overall, I think this really does rate as a concealer and deserves a lot more positive reviews to be written about it. I am so impressed! Definitely worth recommending!