Saturday, 26 September 2015

Fake lashes? Nah, Falsifeye! Seventeen's Falsifeye HD Mascara*

Seventeen's Falsifeye HD Mascara in "Blackest Black"

 I often don't wear mascara as I am luckily blessed with naturally long, black eyelashes...every girls' dream! However, there are those moments after applying too much powder, wearing eyeshadow and when your eyelashes annoyingly decide to bend in that awkward kink position - you need a good coat of mascara.
 Finding a decent mascara is a nightmare. I myself am an eye rubber. Therefore I struggle to find a good solid mascara that doesn't smudge and keeps my eyelashes looking lengthy for...a good length of time.
 The Seventeen Falsifeye HD mascara was one that I felt like needed trying. After not trying a Seventeen mascara before, I've gotta give them a shot at impressing me!

Seventeen's packaging for a start is probably one of my favourite from a beauty brand! It's so quirky and cute, something that definitely catches my eye and helps me find it when I misplace it! The brush is another thing I found interesting. It's a plastic wand and has fewer 'bristles' which I find definitely gives great definition and length for that real 'HD' look. Even though it's meant to look fake, below is a picture after an application and for one coat, it actually looks quite natural! I could easily wear this everyday. Whether or not it gave volume...I'm not too sure.

 As you can see, it really did lift my eyelashes and gave a good curl, making me look more awake and hiding the pressed powder that fell onto my lashes! The mascara didn't clump (as you can see below), gave great length and had a really dark black colour which I love in a mascara! As I rub my eyes a lot and usually through general wear, most mascaras fall onto my undereyes and give that panda/raccoon look which for me...isn't entirely the desired look. This was the opposite! It didn't flake, leave a residue or smudge one bit! However, as it is colder weather, I have not tested this mascara in warmer weather or when I am a bit warmer, therefore I can only recommend this in dry and cooler weather!
Results: Left eye - Mascara, Right eye - No mascara
Overall, I think that the results are pretty impressive - wouldn't you agree? For £6.99, I really do think this is one of the best budget mascaras available!

Seventeen kindly donated samples for this blog post. Opinions are all my own.