Thursday, 24 September 2015

Make your skin look WOW!*

I was never one for the contouring or the bronzing trend, so when strobing hit the scene, I really latched onto this new makeup style. Adding light and shimmer to your face is much more beautiful and appealing than adding darkness! I simply loved how gorgeous girls looked when the sun hit their cheeks and made their highlighter sparkle, so I attempted to give it a go.

After strolling through a Boots store and in awe of the choice of all the Seventeen makeup available, the WOW! 3 way highlighter caught my eye (not just for the large turquoise letters shouting wow at me). After hearing so much about it, I knew that this was the product to try!

With a mix of yellow and pink undertones, this highlighter seems to suit any person or skin tone. It has the right amount of shimmer and is so creamy to the skin. Applying and blending is simply effortless – just what a person needs when they’re in a rush! It’s so versatile; it can be used to highlight any area of the face, and I particularly use it on my cheeks, nose and eyebrows to add a natural, dewy finish to the skin. It can even be used as a primer under foundation or a BB/CC cream in order to add a healthy glow for a quick morning pick me up after a rough night sleep, or even to help your makeup stick for the day.

One pump of the WOW! Highlighter
The product blended in
 The amount of product you receive is well worth the price, and the handy pump and sturdy packaging allows easy application and peace in knowing that it won’t spill or crack everywhere! (Absolute nightmare!) None of that messy application or chaotic makeup bags!

Not only is the product itself incredible to use, but at the price of £5.99, it’s a complete steal and matches the quality of top notch beauty products and highlighters. It’s now a daily staple in my makeup routine and I’ve even managed to get my friends hooked on it too.

A highlighter worth trying to fit the strobing trend. It really does make your skin look WOW!

* Seventeen kindly gave samples for this review. All opinions are my own.