Sunday, 18 August 2013

Beauty Bite: Brand Focus: Vaseline!

So sorry for the short absence, my laptop hasn't been entirely successful in connecting to my wifi (Sadface) But it's okay, I'm back! Today I've decided to show you my top Vaseline products since I just love the brand!

Vaseline's aloe vera moisturiser: Here's my favourite body moisturiser. I know you can get it in other scents e.g. cocoa or shea butter I think? But my favourite by far is the aloe vera one! It smells lovely, it completely moisturises rather than just sitting on top of your skin. It really sinks in. It's not greasy or too thick either. I got this on offer for £2, but the original price isn't far off that.
 Original Vaseline: I bought a whole tub of this since I went through so many of the small tins and the small tubs. This is the largest tub I've found of it so far. I think this product is pretty self explanatory! But I will say I prefer it to cheaper versions as it doesn't have such a horrible taste.
You don't know how many of these tins I've gone through. They are a permanent product in my bag! My favourites are the aloe vera and the rosy lips. I use the aloe vera when my lips are in desperate need of moisturising and I use the rosy lips when I need to stop my lips from being dry but still wanting a hint of colour.
And finally vaseline's lip balm lip therapy stick in cocoa butter. I love the smell of this, it's gorgeous! I've even had people ask me what I'm using since they love the smell so much (The same with the tin version of the cocoa butter Vaseline). It's not the best for moisturising but I'm addicted to the smell!
Give them a try!