Friday, 2 August 2013

Beauty Bite: Pig Nail Art

Here's another nail art tutorial for you and this time it's farm animal related...It's pig nail art!
Want to have cute piggies on your nails? Look no further!

Step 1: Apply a basecoat or clear coat to protect your nails and prevent the nail polish from staining your nail
Step 2: Using the brush of your lightest pink shade, sweep it across 2/3 of your nail having a slightly round shape. This will be the head
Step 3: Then using a darker pink, do the same as step 2 but slightly smaller so it only covers the first 1/3 of your nail (The tip) After that, using a dotting tool (Or something to create this shape) take the same darker pink nail polish and create triangles for the ears.
Step 4: Using an even darker pink/purple, use the dotting tool to create to dots at the end of your nail for nostrils.
Step 5: Create black dots for the eyes and add a top coat!
Here are the nail polishes I used to create this nail art design:
Rimmel London's 60 Seconds in shade 740 'Clear'
Collection (2000) Hot Looks Fast Dry in shade 48 'Candy Floss'
Miss Sporty's Clubbing Colours Quick Dry
Claire's Cosmetics Chip Resistant Nail Polish (Pink and Black, no shade name)