Thursday, 1 August 2013

Beauty Bite: Beauty Product of the Week- Collection's Big Fake Ultimate False Lash Effect Mascara

 Today is my beauty product of the week! :) It's Collection's Big Fake Ultimate False Lash Effect Mascara. This awesome mascara costs only £5.99!
It definitely makes your lashes appear longer and it doesn't clump which is always a plus with mascaras. It has a massive brush! (An ultimate one) Which can have it's advantages and disadvantages! I find I often get mascara on my cheek or undereye area when applying because it's so big, but this may just be me being my clumsy usual self!
Unfortnately though it does smudge quite a bit, so if you're an eye-rubber like me, this may not be the best thing to use...or maybe just avoid touching your eye area all together when wearing this!

Overall this is a good mascara that separates your lashes to amke them appear fuller, it makes them look longer and it doesn't clump. But it does smudge so beware!
I think for £5.99, give it a go!