Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Beauty Bite: Skincare Product of the Week: Dove Hand Cream

 So here's this week's skincare product of the week, Dove's Regenerating Nourishment Hand Cream! My hands tend to get seriously dry extremely quickly so I need a quick repair for my skin! Some people neglect the skin on their hands and forget to take care of it like other parts of their body. I think the skin on your hands is just as important. Like Dove says, this cream keeps your hands beautiful today and tomorrow.
This little wonder can be used in the day but is designed to work at night! (So no excuses that you have no time to apply during the day). It works by improving the skin 'deep down' and it also claims to work for 24 hours (I'm not entirely sure about that, I'll have to keep testing it).
But this is amazing stuff! I've always hated the thick hand creams that feel like you're smearing butter on your hands leaving a greasy feeling that simply is just uncomfortable. This hand cream from Dove is NOTHING like that which was great as I find most hand creams have that texture now. It smells nice, sort of has that Dove 'signature smell' if you know what I mean. It repairs the dry and cracked skin on my hands so quickly! I got this on sale at Superdrug for about £1.39 I think?
My favourite hand cream so far!
Give it a go! Make every part of your body beautiful! :)