Thursday, 8 August 2013

Beauty Bite: Daisy Nails!


Step 1: Apply a basecoat or clear coat
Step 2: Paint your nails a layer of polish of your choice (I chose pink) or you could leave them clear
Step 3: Create some yellow dots on your nails for the centre of the daisy (Leave enough room for the petals)
Step 4: Create white dots around the yellow dot to create petals, do as many of these as you like
Step 5: Once you've finished the flowers, add a top coat! (You may wish to add leaves beforehand)

Collection's Hot Looks Fast Dry in shade 48 'Candy Floss'
 Collection's Hot Looks Fast Dry in shade 30 'Sherbert Lemon'
Barry M Nail Paint in 'Matt White'
Rimmel London's 60 Seconds in shade 740 'Clear'
If you have any nail art suggestions or designs you'd like to see, comment below, email me or tweet me! :)
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