Saturday, 30 April 2016

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer in the shade 'Ivory 01'

 In search for a new concealer for the spring and summer months? I think I have the one for you! I'm becoming more and more in love with Bourjois and their products. This concealer is no exception.

With a similar sleek packaging to the lip velvets, this concealer comes in rather a big tube, with a frosted glass effect on the outside. It's unbelievably classy and appears to be high-end. The packaging for a start gets a 10/10.

 Unfortunately, for you more tanned and dark skinned girls, there aren't that many shades for you. Which is different for Bourjois as they don't often cater to pale skin girls. There are three shades in the selection, with ivory being the lightest. It's perfect for pale girls like me, but also it that ever so slightly lighter which really does give a radiant effect when applied.
It isn't an overly thick consistency, but not enough to say it's watery. But it blends amazingly well and interestingly...smells amazing! (As most of their products do).
Due to it not being overly thick, it will of course not completely cover up extremely dark circles, as it is more a of a light reflecting concealer. However, it still does a pretty good job - I was impressed! It lasted for an extremely long time. After 8 hours, a lot of it was still in place, It did begin to clump and dry a little at this point but not tremendously. I would be lying to say it won't crease. Because I think all concealers crease if you smile a lot! However, this one doesn't crease as much as most concealers. It does quite a good job!

For £7.99 (I purchased at Superdrug) I think this is quite worth the price. It definitely is radiant, it looks amazing on the skin and has such sleek packaging. For such a blendable and affordable concealer, I say give it a try!