Saturday, 28 December 2013

Lush 50% off Christmas Stock SALE

I've never gone into Lush after Christmas and I was stupid enough to go the day AFTER Boxing Day so there wasn't much left! But I ended up getting a snowman bath ballistic and the Santa's lip scrub.

 He unfortunately lost his nose in the bag, I couldn't really save it.

He was only £1.25 which I just couldn't allow to sit there and not buy it. It has cocoa butter in it which will be great for my dry skin and it also has a lovely vanilla scent to it. Luckily it's the same as their 'Butterball' so if you loved this, you can go buy the same thing...but not snowman shaped *sighs*.

 I've never used a Lush lip scrub before so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to get my hands on one. At £2.75 I couldn't say no. Plus it tastes like cola! This lip scrub is made of caster sugar which is delicate enough not to hurt your lips but perfect enough to use to get rid of that horrible dry skin. It actually has extracts of cherries in it which gives it that bright red Christmas colour. Santa would be proud. And it tastes nice...did I mention that?
The red love hearts added a rather cute touch to the product. Not sure if those are edible though. Best not to eat those.
Thanks Lukasz!

So I only managed to get 2 things as the shop was wiped of nearly everything Christmassy. Seems like everyone piled in there on Boxing Day. But there's still some stuff online! Go check out the sale! (I think the snowman is sold out though. Unlucky.)

What's your favourite Lush product? Let me know in the comments below! I might even try them ;)
Give these a go!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

TAG: The Winter Wonderland Tag

1What Winter holiday do you celebrate? 
Christmas! And Boxing day, but really that's the day we go to watch the annual Boxing Day rugby match (Family tradition) and we may have a similar meal to the one we have on Christmas day, but it's mainly just Christmas day.
2. What is the one item you hope to receive as a present for Christmas or another Holiday? 
II would love a new ipod, mines getting old now so it's cracked, slow and not working as it should. Also, it sounds a bit odd, but some new slippers! I get slippers every year from my Godparents as a gift as it's all I wear indoors. I hate wearing shoes! The minute I walk through the door I have to take my shoes off! Since I wear them so often, they get tatty really quickly. Could really do with a new pair haha.
3. Gingerbread Cookies or Candy Canes? 
Gingerbread cookies! LOVE gingerbread!
4. Snowball fights or Sledding? 
Snowball fights. I've never actually been sledding!
5. What is your go to Winter Outfit? 
Christmas jumper. Dark skinny jeans. Fluffy boots. If outdoors, I have to have my woolly hat and scarf!
6. What are your favourite Winter/Holiday makeup items? 
I love my MUA English Rose blush. Adds a bit of shimmer to your cheeks which is perfect at Christmas without going overboard! I really like the Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch to add moisture and add a hint of colour to your lips. 
7. Does it snow where you live? 
Not really! It may snow every few years and when it does, it's usually that slushy snow that you can't really do anything with. Typical Cornish weather!
8. What is your favourite Christmas song/ holiday song? 
Either All I want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey, Lonely this Christmas by Mud or Fairytale of New York by The Pogues. I can't choose!
9. What is your favourite holiday movie? 
ELF!! Has to be the best and funniest Christmas film ever!
10. What are your favourite holiday decorations? 
We all have a bauble with our name on in our family that goes on the tree which I think is rather sweet. But gotta love Christmas lights. Anything that twinkles! 
I tag you all! Give it a go and let me know on Twitter or in the comments if you've done it!
Merry Christmas! 

Friday, 20 December 2013

Beauty Bite: Santa Hat Nail Art

Step 1: Paint your nails a clear coat to protect your nail. Then either using a dotting tool (or using 2 pieces of cellotape crossed over each other to form a triangle which you then paint over) paint a red triangle
Step 2: Using a dotting tool, add white dots to the bottom of the triangle
Step 3: Add dots to the tip of the triangle in a circle to make a bobble. Add a top coat!

Beauty Bite: Christmas Pudding Nail Art

Step 1: Add a clear coat to protect your nail and then paint your whole nail a dark brown colour
Step 2: With a dotting tool, dab some white nail polish onto the base of your nail (by your cuticle) to make it look like it's dripping
Step 3: For a simple holly, draw a cross with a dotting tool or toothpick dipped into green nali polish
Step 4: Add 2 red dots for berries and add a top coat to seal in the design

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Beauty Bite: Elf Haul

Elf had a offer on products (I think it was 30% off when you buy £20 or more) so as you do, you go a little crazy...especially on the lip products. I haven't ordered from ELF for a while so here's my purchases!
 First was the Lip Exfoliator. This was something a lot of people raved about so I felt the need to jump on the bandwagon and try it. For £3.75, it seemed like a decent product. I get extremely dry lips really often and all year round so after trying this, it may result in being a permanent product in my everyday routine.
 This is the Studio Matte Lip Colour in the shade 'Natural'. I've heard mixed reviews about this product and I've never tried a matte product from ELF before so I decided to throw this in my shopping basket. I was very close to getting another shade which I think was 'Tea Rose' but apparently the colour in real life is different to online. It seems like a nice size lip crayon and a gorgeous colour. Can't wait to try! For again £3.75, it's a nice price!
This was one of the first things I clicked on and immediately decided I'd like to try it. It's the Mineral Lipstick in the shade 'Runway Pink'. This was a little pricier at £5.00 so we'll soon see if it's worth the money! It again is a lovely natural lip colour, a sort of 'my lips but better'. I've heard some great things about this one!
 Next is the Studio Lip Balm SPF 15 in the shade 'Pink'. It seems like my kind of colour, love a bit of pink! The packaging seems lovely, it has an SPF and was priced again at £3.75. The only thing is, mine had some weird white stuff on it (as you can seen in the third picture) a bit odd...
The last three things I ordered were the Luscious Liquid Lipstick in the shade 'Raspberry' at the price of £1.50. This is such a good price! I was recommended this product from a fellow beauty blogger so I am almost certain I'l enjoy this one. Then the famous Eyelid Primer from ELF at £1.50 in the shade 'Sheer'. Everyone says how amazing this eyelid primer is and that for this price, you can't go wrong. Finally the Therapeutic Conditioning (Soothing) Lip Balm in Strawberry Creme for £1.50.

I'm excited to test these products out to see how good they are! For those prices, you can't really complain! Keep your eyes out for reviews on these products soon! 

If you've tried these, let me know what you think :)

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Beauty Bite: Make-up Academy's £1 Eyeshadow in 'Shade 1- Pearl'

 I'm more of a lipstick and lip product junkie than an eye product addict but I decided to try out MUA's single £1 eyeshadows. Now for a start you know I'm a huge MUA fan, so I was expecting great things from them and they didn't disappoint! 
For a's a pound. Who doesn't love affordable make up?! For 2g of product as well, it's a pretty good deal.
It's a gorgeous cream colour which has a pearl finish to it. It's a great colour for a highlight, inner corner colour or as a quick all over sweep when you're running out of time! It suits all eye colours and skin types so it's perfect for everyone. It's oddly creamy when you swatch it, even though it's a powder product. There is very little fall out (which is a huge plus for me as my pet hate is when eye shadows fall onto my cheeks) and it's amazingly pigmented.

I absolutely adore this eye shadow! I'm excited to try more of the shades and even the matte shadows.
Give it a try!

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Beauty Bite: Rimmel London Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick by Kate Moss in Shade '101'

Everyone kept raving about the Kate Moss lipsticks, and for a lipstick lover like me I had to go and get one. I'm a big lover of matte lipsticks and this was one of the nicest shades out of the original collection and the matte line.
 It's a lovely natural pink colour that you could easily wear on an everyday basis. It seems like one of those 'my lip colour but better' kind of shades. I absolutely adore it! It glides on lovely, it doesn't tug at my lips or cling to any dry patches at all. For a matte lipstick it's such a nice creamy consistency.
I wore it on a night out to the local pub and it stayed on the whole night and even me walking there and back in the rain. So it seems weatherproof too! It truly is long lasting as the name suggests.
 It has a bit of an odd smell. It smells sort of like berries but a bit of a chemically smell. One minute I like the smell, the next I don't. It's a bit hit and miss.
 The only real problem I have with this lipstick is that on the inside of my bottom lip, the lipstick started to form a sort of line. This may have been due to the weather at the time so I will re-try it and keep you posted as to whether or not it happens again. But essentially this is a gorgeous shade and the perfect natural look lipstick. I paid £5.49 for this at Superdrug which I think is a reasonable price!

Give it a try!
Let me know if you've tried the matte lipsticks or the originals

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Beauty Bite: Make Up Academy (MUA) £1 lipstick in 'Shade 3'

I have had this lipstick for a while but for some reason never really felt like reviewing it as everyone knows about MUA's lipsticks! But here is my view on their lipstick in shade 3.
For a start, I love the colour! For a girl like me who still hasn't found the 'Perfect Red' yet, this is the closest I can get! I love my pink lipsticks so this colour is the gorgeous blend of pink and red to create a sort of raspberry shade.

I did have trouble applying this lipstick as it was kind of messy. Without a lip liner, it'll look like the above photo! Not my best application of lipstick but that might of just been me. Stick with a lip liner with this shade, MUA do cheap ones of those too ;) It tends to smudge ever so slightly. But to be honest, those are only minor points! It's an amazing product!

The price is amazing for the product you get. £1 for a stunning lipstick that actually looks more expensive than that price and a great long lasting colour on your lips. It also has a removable pot at the bottom of the lipstick to act as a sort of lip balm which I think is so innovative, creative and original. The texture of the lipstick is amazing, it glosses on smoothly and adds a beautiful shine!

This is my only MUA lipstick from the original collection and I have a matte lipstick which I will be reviewing soon! 
Give them a go! Tell me what you think :)

Monday, 9 December 2013

Beauty Bite: Barry M Concealer Brush

I never knew Barry M did brushes?! It wasn't until I had some spare time and wandered into my nearest Superdrug that I discovered their brushes! The one I bought and have chose to review for you is their concealer brush.
 So this brush was selling for £2.99 which I thought was an absolute bargain! For this price for a Barry M product, I just couldn't leave it there.
I used this brush when applying my concealer (which is my Collection [2000] Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear concealer in the shade Fair 1) and I found it did an okay job. I'm not going to rave about it and tell you to stock up on this brush, but I'd say for a beginner or as a spare/handy brush, it does a good job! I will admit I had a few streak marks when I added another layer of concealer because the brush started soaking up all the product. The first layer was okay but not much came off the brush! A good point is that so far it hasn't shed and it's not scratchy! I found it difficult to clean though :(

Overall I'd say this is a useful brush and is great for beginners! For those of you who have been wearing make-up for a while and a little more experienced, this may not be for you. I will continue to use this but it won't be an everyday use.

I'd say give it a go if you're on a budget or a beginner.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Brand Focus: Simple!

 I've done a small review on how I've felt about their toner and moisturiser before, but now I 've accumulated a few more products, so here's what I think about the brand!

Let's start by saying that Simple is by far my favourite skincare brand so far! It's afforable and great for my senstitive skin. If your skin gets irritated by products very easily or you find trouble getting products to work well with your skin, these are perfect for you!

 Here I've got the Refreshing Facial Wash Gel and the Moisturising Facial Wash. If you need a deep cleanse and you like that clean feeling you get when you've freshly washed your face then this product is perfect. It doesn't irritate my skin or leave it red and or too dry. It's definitely a great facial wash to use at night when you wish to cleanse your face before bed. Remember though that you'll probably need moisturiser after using this one as it's not specifically for dry skin.

The Moisturising Facial Wash is similar to the Refreshing Facial Wash gel but leaves you with a less of a clean feel. It doesn't cleanse your face as much as the gel, but it still does a good job! If you have dry skin, this is one aimed at you! I use this one more regularly due to my dry skin (especially now that it's winter time).

I've reviewed the rich moisturiser and the facial toner before so above is the link to a full review. But these a daily essential part to my skincare routine and are a constant repurchase! I cannot big up this skincare brand enough! As I have such dry skin I use the rich moisturiser but if you don't need such a thick moisturiser they do make a lighter moisturiser too!
The cleansing lotion is one of the newer products to my Simple collection and skincare routine.  It's a thick lotion that you use to remove dirt and makeup. Sort of a thick version of the toner but with an even more gentler feel. Use a cotton pad with a small dollop of this product or dot it on your face and gently remove it all and blend it into your skin with the cotton pad. Your skin will feel amazing! I suggest you use upward motions when using this one for best results! (Keeps that skin perky ;) haha) Often products like this react badly with my skin but this is amazing for sensitive skin.

In brief, these are the best facial wipes I've ever used! Gentle on the skin, removes the initial layer of makeup in preparation for the rest of  your skincare routine! For the full review click here!

Finally is the shower gel! I know you lot probably did the same as I did. Walked past this shower gel so many times and never gave it a second glance. But as soon as my skin began reacting to nearly every shower gel possible I knew where to turn! This was only a pound, gives you that refreshing, cleansed feel and doesn't react with my skin! Perfect!

If you love Simple like me or have tried any of their stuff I haven't mentioned but think I should try it, comment below! I don't bite ;)
Turns out Simple have a page you can join to get rewards and read articles on their stuff!
Give them a go!