Saturday, 14 December 2013

Beauty Bite: Make-up Academy's £1 Eyeshadow in 'Shade 1- Pearl'

 I'm more of a lipstick and lip product junkie than an eye product addict but I decided to try out MUA's single £1 eyeshadows. Now for a start you know I'm a huge MUA fan, so I was expecting great things from them and they didn't disappoint! 
For a's a pound. Who doesn't love affordable make up?! For 2g of product as well, it's a pretty good deal.
It's a gorgeous cream colour which has a pearl finish to it. It's a great colour for a highlight, inner corner colour or as a quick all over sweep when you're running out of time! It suits all eye colours and skin types so it's perfect for everyone. It's oddly creamy when you swatch it, even though it's a powder product. There is very little fall out (which is a huge plus for me as my pet hate is when eye shadows fall onto my cheeks) and it's amazingly pigmented.

I absolutely adore this eye shadow! I'm excited to try more of the shades and even the matte shadows.
Give it a try!