Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Beauty Bite: Make Up Academy (MUA) £1 lipstick in 'Shade 3'

I have had this lipstick for a while but for some reason never really felt like reviewing it as everyone knows about MUA's lipsticks! But here is my view on their lipstick in shade 3.
For a start, I love the colour! For a girl like me who still hasn't found the 'Perfect Red' yet, this is the closest I can get! I love my pink lipsticks so this colour is the gorgeous blend of pink and red to create a sort of raspberry shade.

I did have trouble applying this lipstick as it was kind of messy. Without a lip liner, it'll look like the above photo! Not my best application of lipstick but that might of just been me. Stick with a lip liner with this shade, MUA do cheap ones of those too ;) It tends to smudge ever so slightly. But to be honest, those are only minor points! It's an amazing product!

The price is amazing for the product you get. £1 for a stunning lipstick that actually looks more expensive than that price and a great long lasting colour on your lips. It also has a removable pot at the bottom of the lipstick to act as a sort of lip balm which I think is so innovative, creative and original. The texture of the lipstick is amazing, it glosses on smoothly and adds a beautiful shine!

This is my only MUA lipstick from the original collection and I have a matte lipstick which I will be reviewing soon! 
Give them a go! Tell me what you think :)