Thursday, 12 December 2013

Beauty Bite: Rimmel London Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick by Kate Moss in Shade '101'

Everyone kept raving about the Kate Moss lipsticks, and for a lipstick lover like me I had to go and get one. I'm a big lover of matte lipsticks and this was one of the nicest shades out of the original collection and the matte line.
 It's a lovely natural pink colour that you could easily wear on an everyday basis. It seems like one of those 'my lip colour but better' kind of shades. I absolutely adore it! It glides on lovely, it doesn't tug at my lips or cling to any dry patches at all. For a matte lipstick it's such a nice creamy consistency.
I wore it on a night out to the local pub and it stayed on the whole night and even me walking there and back in the rain. So it seems weatherproof too! It truly is long lasting as the name suggests.
 It has a bit of an odd smell. It smells sort of like berries but a bit of a chemically smell. One minute I like the smell, the next I don't. It's a bit hit and miss.
 The only real problem I have with this lipstick is that on the inside of my bottom lip, the lipstick started to form a sort of line. This may have been due to the weather at the time so I will re-try it and keep you posted as to whether or not it happens again. But essentially this is a gorgeous shade and the perfect natural look lipstick. I paid £5.49 for this at Superdrug which I think is a reasonable price!

Give it a try!
Let me know if you've tried the matte lipsticks or the originals