Saturday, 28 December 2013

Lush 50% off Christmas Stock SALE

I've never gone into Lush after Christmas and I was stupid enough to go the day AFTER Boxing Day so there wasn't much left! But I ended up getting a snowman bath ballistic and the Santa's lip scrub.

 He unfortunately lost his nose in the bag, I couldn't really save it.

He was only £1.25 which I just couldn't allow to sit there and not buy it. It has cocoa butter in it which will be great for my dry skin and it also has a lovely vanilla scent to it. Luckily it's the same as their 'Butterball' so if you loved this, you can go buy the same thing...but not snowman shaped *sighs*.

 I've never used a Lush lip scrub before so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to get my hands on one. At £2.75 I couldn't say no. Plus it tastes like cola! This lip scrub is made of caster sugar which is delicate enough not to hurt your lips but perfect enough to use to get rid of that horrible dry skin. It actually has extracts of cherries in it which gives it that bright red Christmas colour. Santa would be proud. And it tastes nice...did I mention that?
The red love hearts added a rather cute touch to the product. Not sure if those are edible though. Best not to eat those.
Thanks Lukasz!

So I only managed to get 2 things as the shop was wiped of nearly everything Christmassy. Seems like everyone piled in there on Boxing Day. But there's still some stuff online! Go check out the sale! (I think the snowman is sold out though. Unlucky.)

What's your favourite Lush product? Let me know in the comments below! I might even try them ;)
Give these a go!