Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Brand Focus: Simple!

 I've done a small review on how I've felt about their toner and moisturiser before, but now I 've accumulated a few more products, so here's what I think about the brand!

Let's start by saying that Simple is by far my favourite skincare brand so far! It's afforable and great for my senstitive skin. If your skin gets irritated by products very easily or you find trouble getting products to work well with your skin, these are perfect for you!

 Here I've got the Refreshing Facial Wash Gel and the Moisturising Facial Wash. If you need a deep cleanse and you like that clean feeling you get when you've freshly washed your face then this product is perfect. It doesn't irritate my skin or leave it red and or too dry. It's definitely a great facial wash to use at night when you wish to cleanse your face before bed. Remember though that you'll probably need moisturiser after using this one as it's not specifically for dry skin.

The Moisturising Facial Wash is similar to the Refreshing Facial Wash gel but leaves you with a less of a clean feel. It doesn't cleanse your face as much as the gel, but it still does a good job! If you have dry skin, this is one aimed at you! I use this one more regularly due to my dry skin (especially now that it's winter time).

I've reviewed the rich moisturiser and the facial toner before so above is the link to a full review. But these a daily essential part to my skincare routine and are a constant repurchase! I cannot big up this skincare brand enough! As I have such dry skin I use the rich moisturiser but if you don't need such a thick moisturiser they do make a lighter moisturiser too!
The cleansing lotion is one of the newer products to my Simple collection and skincare routine.  It's a thick lotion that you use to remove dirt and makeup. Sort of a thick version of the toner but with an even more gentler feel. Use a cotton pad with a small dollop of this product or dot it on your face and gently remove it all and blend it into your skin with the cotton pad. Your skin will feel amazing! I suggest you use upward motions when using this one for best results! (Keeps that skin perky ;) haha) Often products like this react badly with my skin but this is amazing for sensitive skin.

In brief, these are the best facial wipes I've ever used! Gentle on the skin, removes the initial layer of makeup in preparation for the rest of  your skincare routine! For the full review click here!

Finally is the shower gel! I know you lot probably did the same as I did. Walked past this shower gel so many times and never gave it a second glance. But as soon as my skin began reacting to nearly every shower gel possible I knew where to turn! This was only a pound, gives you that refreshing, cleansed feel and doesn't react with my skin! Perfect!

If you love Simple like me or have tried any of their stuff I haven't mentioned but think I should try it, comment below! I don't bite ;)

Turns out Simple have a page you can join to get rewards and read articles on their stuff!
Give them a go!