Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Scrub up! Shower gels and scrubs favourites

 Dove are the shower gels best for moisture, soft skin and scent. The smell is incredible in every different fragrance; lingering on your body for hours! They're affordable and last a long time. Worth the money!
 I'd never came across this brand until I saw them half price in Boots a few weeks ago. This smell is the most sweetest but pleasant smell EVER. You definitely have to avoid wanting to eat this one! Soft on the skin and moisturising but yet cleansing.Some shower gels often fail to leave you feeling clean after, but this one doesn't fail.

 One of my favourites repurchased many times in multiple scents is the Wilko Fruits Body Scrub. It really does the job well of exfoliating as well as having long lasting smell. At £1.50 and recently down to 95p...can't really be left in the shop!
 This one smells amazing too, as all the products above do, as well as all soap and glory products. Exfoliates on the skin well without being harsh. One of the more expensive ones of the bunch, so maybe consider the other ones before this one.

What are your favourite shower gels and scrubs?