Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Top 5 foundations

 Hello everyone! I've been a bit absent recently so here is a brand new post for you! Here are my top 5 foundations. These foundations are best suited for my skin and my preferences. I am extremely fair skinned (to the point that highstreet/drugstore foundations struggle to match my skintone in colour) and I have very dry skin. Therefore, some of these may be too dewy for you, however, I have thrown in a matte foundation which may suit some. So off we go...
 Kicking off the top 5 are two of the most popular and well-loved foundations known to humans. Bourjois are fantastic at getting the right balance of coverage and dewiness. On the left is the lighter coverage 'gel' foundation which is the Healthy Mix Serum. I use this on days where I want to put in a bit of an effort with my make-up but don't need to be entirely dolled up for the day and caked in make-up. On the right is the Healthy Mix foundation, which is the heavier coverage of the two but it gives a medium coverage. It covers enough to have a good solid base but still acting like a second skin and not looking cakey. They both smell amazing, having fruit extracts which also hydrate tired and dry skin. Both are yellow toned in colour and are both in the shade 51 Light Vanilla. Definitely my go-to foundations!
Shade R1 C1 Rose Ivory
 I heard the uproar about this foundation online. Being most people's holy grail foundation, I gave it a try. After the first attempt, I shoved it in a drawer after not being overly impressed by it and finding that it really enhanced my unwanted dry patches. Giving it a second chance, I made sure that my skin was thoroughly exfoliated and moisturised, then...it was perfect! This one can work for you dry skinned gals but do bear in mind that if your skin is severely dry, you may wish to give this one a skip. This foundation is more for the pink toned skin colours! Unlike the Bourjois Healthy Mix which both have no SPF, this one has a SPF 17.
 This one I have battles with. When it works, it's the best. When it doesn't wish to cooperate, it's really the worst. Revlon Colorstay is definitely a foundation that can split opinions! This pink toned watery foundation is supposed to be for normal-dry skin, however, I feel like it doesn't really suit dry skin at all! This one most definitely accentuates the dry, flaky skin and can give a very thick, cakey look to the skin. Not really suited for very dry skin. However, when your skin is relatively hydrated, this foundation can work a treat! This one is very similar to L'Oreal True Match but without the shimmery highlight to it. This is more towards the top end of the drugstore at about £12.
Probably the first foundation I ever bought and still use to this day, after multiple re-purchases! Perfect for people who are on the go and need to quickly slap on something without overly fussing about blending, brushes or mess. This has a slight pink tone to it, but not as noticable as the Revlon and L'Oreal foundations. Gives a light coverage which is easily buildable for a heavier base.

These 5 foundations I continuously repurchase and swear by, knowing which one suits my skin on what day. Do you use any of these foundations? What would be in your top 5?