Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The Body Shop's Honey Bronzer

For all you fellow pale ladies out there...this one is for you. If you're as fair as I am, the word 'bronzer' makes you want to cry. I was never able to find a good, non-shimmery contour bronzer that didn't look like I'd smeared dirt across my face. My housemate and I were having a make-up showing session where we were explaining to each other what our favourite products were since we both had similar skin colours and types. Then she pulled out this bad boy.
Turns out, this is a pale girl's dream. The really light brown works well on giving a soft shadow and allowing us ghosts to finally be able to contour. Not only is the packaging adorable, but it works amazing too! It blends beautifully and is easily buildable. Definitely something everyone should own.

Who could resist something so cute? So, is there another bronzer worth the try? Probably. But I'll stick with this for now.