Saturday, 22 August 2015

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E

Now on to one of my favourite moisturisers! Suffering from severely dry skin, I'm always on the hunt for an enriching moisturiser which lasts. Not one that feel soft for 5 minutes. This one has been a staple of mine for years and I'm here to tell you why it's amazing,

1. It really does soften the skin. If you have rough or dry, flaky skin, this will sort it out!! It's nourishing on the skin for sure.

2. It keeps your skin moisturised for hours, 24 hours? Not really tested it for that long or I've forgotten I apllied it to notice. However, it really does keep it hydrated whenever I touch my skin.

3. It has a thick, buttery texture. I love applying a thick moisturiser that feels like it's doing something. It doesn't sit on the skin like some thick ones do and it really absorbs into the skin.

4. The smell is divineeee. If you're a chocolate addict like me, you will love the smell of this sweet, cocoa creation.

5. A little goes a long way. 250ml may not seem like a lot, but with it being so rich, you really don't need to apply much for it to be effective.

However, I cannot really comment on the idea that it smoothes stretch marks or lines as I haven't really seen that much of a difference. Therefore if you're interested in this for that reason, maybe give it a skip.

All you dry, sensitive skin owners who love a good sweet smelling moisturiser, give this one a try.