Friday, 21 August 2015

Primark Perfumes...Worth the Purchase? 'He Loves Me' Review

You often hear about people wearing the latest fragrances and perfumes which are often £50+ in price. For me, I love a good perfume but begrudge paying over £20 for one! After taking a stroll in Primark, I found myself and the health and beauty section of the shop and saw this lovely poppy themed eau de toilette named 'He Loves Me'.

This cute little bottle stood out to me with the adorable poppy detail on the lid (which is removable), however, a tad annoying the dust it collects on the bottle from it.

This handy little perfume was originally £6 down to £3 which in all honesty, was a steal. With a mix of fruity and a strong floral influence, this scent is long-lasting and potent. Not only does it come in a bottle, but for those who want one on the go, they do a handy roller ball version for £2. Perfect for highlighting the pressure points.

So, skip forking out on designer, high-end, ridiculously priced scents and opt for a more affordable and delightful fragrance instead.