Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Skincare Essentials

 Skincare is the most important part of your make-up routine, right? Without the right canvas, your make-up won't look it's best! In order to get the best skin, check out my skincare essentials.
 Let's start with removing make-up. Garnier's Micellar Cleansing Water is the best one I've used by far. I've even converted a few friends to using this! Gentle on sensitive skin, great on taking all make-up and inexpensive too! Pop this on a few cotton pads, gently sweep on the face and tah dah! Fresh and clean.
 Boots own brand should not be underestimated. Some of my favourite products are Boots own brand and are definitely great for sensitive skin. First on the left is a face sun cream. Now, some of you are thinking "Why not just put normal sun cream on my face?" Well, let me tell you. The skin on your face is different to the skin on your body; softer, delicate and more sensitive. This is a factor 50 which is a must for fairer skin tones. It's great under make-up, it's non-greasy and doesn't make your skin spotty and clogged.

On the left is the Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Night Treatment Gel. Let me tell you, this is a new purchase and a life saver. For those of you  who suffer from mild breakouts, apply this soothing gel on your face at the end of your evening skincare routine before you go to bed and it will calm down those irritated areas prone to spots and redness. This has for sure calmed down those small breakouts on my chin and forehead.

This is one of those masks for those who don't have the time to sit for 15-30 mins with a face mask on. This restores moisture and is so cheap!
For the full review of this product, click here.

 These products give my skin a bit of rejuvenation that it sometimes desperately needs. I apply the serum after my moisturiser when my skin is extra dry and in need of some TLC and the spray is used when my skin needs a quick 'pick me up'. Superdrug's own brand of products are also a force to be reckoned with! Next time you're in Superdrug, give these a glance and try from their new Vitamin E line.

Everyone knows I love Simple. By far my favourite skin brand and the only moisturiser that has truly taken care of my skin like no other. Their facial wash is gentle but tough enough to exfoliate and get rid of the dirt and grime your skin collects. To see more Simple products I've reviewed, click here.

That sums up my very long list of skincare essentials, but hey, it's important!