Friday, 15 May 2015

Sleek Blush By 3 palette in the shade 'Pink Sprint 366'

 I'd never tried a blush by Sleek before, so being a blush obsessive, I felt like it was time to try one and get my first blush palette. I chose a more berry pink toned palette called 'Pink Sprint'.

 As you can see by the packaging, Sleek really does live up to its name...incredibly slim and delicate packaging.
 I thought the names of the blushes were adorable and were fun. Nothing worse than numbers or unoriginal names for beauty products. Sleek did a great job here!
 Here are the colours in the palette. My favourite is the one on the far right which appears to be a mix of the two shades on the left of it. It's a wearable berry pink tone which would be perfect for Autumn/ Winter seasons. The bright pink shade in the centre, 'Pink Ice' is the most neon of the trio and would be amazing for Spring/Summer times. These shades are so wearable and diverse, that they could even be used as eye shadows!
 These are extremely pigmented. I was in shock at how strongly coloured these were. They're easy to work with, blendable and have a lovely smooth and creamy texture. No chalkiness! The blushes are long lasting and don't smudge. I tend to find that some blushes and eye shadows tend to fallout or drop onto other parts of your face - these definitely don't do that! I would say however, that you should apply these lightly and then build them up! Don't go in heavy-handed or with your brush loaded or these will definitely be difficult to work with or blend out for a more natural look.
 (L-R) Pink Parfait, Pink Ice, Pinktini.

As you can see they are bright in colour and easy to blend! I think that Pink Parfait might be a struggle to wear for paler and fairer skin tones such as myself, but the other two shades are perfectly wearable!

This was originally retailed at £9.99 however, it was on the Sleek website sale for £4.99

Are you a Sleek blush fan?
Let me know your favourite shades!