Thursday, 14 May 2015

Boots Essentials: 3-minute clay mask (Cucumber for all skin types)

I've not usually been one for face masks. The effort, finding the right one and most importantly, discovering a face mask that doesn't give my extremely sensitive skin a reaction is often a big problem. After using a fruit peel mask as a teen and having bright flushed cheeks liked I'd been slapped on either side of my face, I've tended to avoid them...for obvious reasons.

However, since my exam-fuelled, stressed-out and tired, dry skin has been a pain recently, I decided to give face masks one more chance. So I took a little wander into Boots and spotted this £1.50 beauty.

This refreshing cucumber mask is the best thing I've ever used. It's perfect for leaving me with hydrated and soft skin, as well as not irritating or burning my face. It's easy to clean off, which I often find is a major pain with face masks as they are too stubborn on the face. As well as this, it also gives me a great laugh staring at myself in the mirror as I apply this. Everyone looks hilarious wearing a face mask.

If you have sensitive skin and are desperate for a face mask, don't let the fact that it's not branded put you off. This is a total skincare gem!

What's your favourite face mask?
Let me know!