Saturday, 6 July 2013

Today's Beauty Bite: Maybelline New York's Dream Matte Mousse

Maybelline New York's Dream Matte Mousse in shade 004 Light Porcelain

Again I decided to change my everyday makeup but this time not through my own choice :( For a long time I've been using Maybelline's Dream Creamy foundation but I cannot find it anywhere anymore! Maybe it's discontinued...someone help me please?! Well I thought lets try another one of Maybelline New York's foundations. But I went for one of the most raved about products they have, their Dream Matte Mousse.
I went for the same shade as I had in the Dream Creamy foundation which was 004 Light Porcelain but for some reason this shade is a lot lighter than my last one. The Dream Creamy foundation was more orangey, the Matte Mousse was a perfect fit!
At first look, I love the design of the packaging. It's sleek and the glass pot is so much nicer than the plastic one used in the last foundation of theirs I used. But on the other hand, I'm scared of it breaking!
The product does exactly what it says it is. It gives a matte finish! Also, it fills in my open pores which is what I always look for in a foundation. It doesn't completely cover every blemish so if you're looking for full coverage, this isn't the foundation for you. But if you're going for the natural look and want a light to medium coverage, try this!

I was pleasantly surprised at what the product looked like. This is what it looks like (Sorry about the messyness..had to give it a try). I find that I can only use this product when my skin is oily or normal, when my skin is dry I have no chance of wearing it as it sticks to my dry skin and tends to look scaly. The other problem I have with this product is that it has large white clumps within it which if not rubbed in properly show up on your face. I've had my fair share of that happen to me. In a rush I quickly slap on the foundation and run out the door, later I look in the mirror and there's white parts of the foundation on my face...really embarrassing!
Overall I really liked this foundation! It does exactly what it says it does! And for around £6-£7 it's pretty reasonable!
Give it a try!