Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Beauty Bite: Disappointing Product- Avon's Colour Style Lipstick in the Shade Pink Kiss

Before I start, here's what Avon have to say:
"Rich and creamy moisturising lipstick in gorgeous stay-true shades."
This really wasn't I expected it to be. You've let me down Avon! :(
This is their Colour Style Lipstick in the shade 'Pink Kiss' and it's price is currently on sale at £2.99. You'd expect to be a lovely pink colour. In fact, I expected it to be a pink satin finish, a sort of glossy shimmery look to it. I could not be more wrong! It comes out a frosty pink colour that I really did not like! If you can see from the picture, it's extremely tiny, it was about the size of my thumb...possibly smaller. Also it's not all that pigmented. It's rather sheer and doesn't appear that great!
Here's a swatch of it...if you can see!
I will admit, it is creamy and quite nice to apply but to be honest when you apply it, the colour doesn't appear that nice.
Also, My lipstick bent when I applied it leaving dents in it and it eventually broke after 2 uses.
I hate to say it, but I really don't like this product! For the price I payed, I expected it to be bigger and I expected the colour to appear different. Not at all what I wanted. Disappointed!
However, this is just my experience with this product, it doesn't mean you won't like it!
If you've given it a go or want to try it, let me know how it works for you :)