Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Beauty Bite: Easy Nails' Fast & Fruity Nail Polish Remover

Beauty Bite: Easy Nails' Fast & Fruity Nail Polish Remover
 Now for a while I've been reading reviews on Barry M's version of this and seeing that the price is around £5. If anyone knows me, they know I love a good bargain. So on a quick trip to my local Home Bargains store I stumbled across this little beauty! And for...89p!!
When I first saw the price I thought that it was priced wrong, but no 89p.
For those of you that don't know what this exactly is, it's a pot filled with a sponge soaked in a lot of nail polish remover. The sponge is quartered so you can put your finger in the centre and use the sponge to remove any nail polish. To me, taking off nail polish is such a chore and takes waaaay too long! This small pot actually took my nail varnish off in about 2-3 minutes! Unbelievable. I know.
 Another great thing about it is that it has the date of manufacture and the expiration date which is rare to see on packaging. You often see how many months etc on the bottle until you should stop using the product, but this is even better as I often forget when I bought the product and then end up using it past it's date...oopsie!
This product is also great as it isn't tested on animals and it also contains vitamin E to revitalise your nails once the nail polish is removed. It's also brilliant as it doesn't include the solvent acetone (which actually is capable of melting plastic!) So it's completely safe to use on your nails.
 Be warned though, this product stinks! The smell is extemely strong so use in a well ventilated area and try not to smell the product! There is a light peach smell but to be honest the only thing you can smell is nail polish remover (which is to be expected). Also, don't make the mistake I did and accidentally tip the pot, the liquid WILL run out...oops again.
If you can find it, give it a try!