Saturday, 13 July 2013

Beauty Bite: Disappointing Product Toni & Guy's Sea Salt Spray

There's nothing worse than having high expectations for a product and then it let's you down. Since it's July and the sun has finally come out in England, I decided I wanted a soft beachy, wavy look to my hair without using curlers. Especially since I live in Cornwall, I'm always by the seaside, so the last thing you want is to spend ages curling your hair for it to get ruined. I just wanted a simple, quick and easy way of getting wavy hair, so someone suggested using sea salt spray.
This is wear this product comes in! I have never been so let down by a product (which kills me to say). I expected it to at least have a soft wave, but no. I sprayed it on and tried to style with my hands but no use! It seemed as though I literally just drowned my hair in this product. It look the same as before but just a little wet. It claims to 'add texture and body' but if anything it made my hair flatter! I have naturally straight hair and it's quite thick so I thought that this may be the reason for the product not working for me. I then ran to my mum who has slightly thinner hair to try on her. Unfortunately, the same happened to her, all that happened was that it jsut made you hair look wet and it didn't effect the style. (I also accidentally squirted it in her ear, sorry mum)
So overall, an extremely disappointing product!
But just because it didn't work for me, doesn't mean it won't work for you!
Give it a go and let me know!