Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Beauty Bite: Collection's Deluxe Lipstick in '04 Speakeasy'

So sorry for the delay in posting, I'm now fully moved into my uni accommodation and have been here for about a month! I can now get back into my beauty blogging. So today I bring you Collection's  new Deluxe Lipstick in '04 Speakeasy'. This is an adorable barbie pink colour! I loved this colour out of all the shades available (I believe there's about 5 shades?) They were on offer for £2.99 as an introduction price so I just had to jump at the chance!
 For a starter, I'm a sucker for cute packaging, so this was an easy buy for me. This packaging is quite different from any of Collection's products, so different that I thought that the lipsticks had accidentally been put in the wrong stands! But I absoloutely love it!
But, I'm not overly impressed with this lipstick, I may have possibly had too high of an expectation for it. I found it hard to apply (As you can see in the photo haha) I could not get it to get a decent outline, it seemed to tug at my lips as I applied it, it clung to the skin on my lips even though they were moisturised. It kept smudging and I really didn't like the smell of it.
However, I did like the colour and the thickness of the lipstick. The packaging again was a big bonus and the amount of lipstick you get is quite generous!

This is a slight disappointment for me, but overall an okay lipstick. I will continue to use it but it is not a favourite.
Possibly worth a go?
Let me know what you think!