Friday, 15 August 2014

Velvotan "The Original Tanning Mitt" (Self tanning accessories)*

 So Summer is here and pasty, ghostly white girls like myself are in dire need of some fake tan. However there's always the hassle of applying the stuff! Luckily Velvotan are the brand who have saved the day from beauty tanning disaster. This affordable brand has created a line of self tanning accessories to aid you in applying your fake tan...on every part of your body! You can easily find a mitt to use but Velvotan have gone that step or even steps further to ensure that your entire body is evenly coated in your favourite fake tan for summer!

 Here is one of the most adorable products I have ever seen. It's a mini mitt to use to fake tan your face! This cute little mitt allows you to tan your face evenly so you don't have that Casper the ghost look on your face and your body beautifully tanned! I think this is a great mitt as I've never seen someone utilise this idea. The top is fabric and the bottom is a thin foam sponge so that you get a soft touch when applying your tan. As you can see, it easily slips onto your finger ready to be used.

 This next one is probably the tanning accessory you've all seen and used before. This body mitt is essentially a bigger version of the face mitt. The Daddy of mitts! This has the same properties and qualities as the face mitt but larger. Left my fake tan evenly coated and wasn't scratchy.

 This is the body polishing sponge helps to prepare your skin to remove all the dry skin and patches that may leave you with an uneven distribution of tan. No one likes a patchy tan! It sort of works like an exfoliator to scrub away any dead skin cells in order to get a natural looking tan. They advise you to use this daily in the shower and I have to say, I adore this! I love exfoliating products and anything that leaves my skin feeling smooth-this definitely does the job!!

This is the last product/accessory but an interesting one! This is the back applicator! Again, I thought this was genius, something I would have never thought of. It looks similar (dare I say it) to a back scratcher but with foam pads on the end for you to apply your tan. It folds in the centre so you are able to shape the product in a way which makes applying fake tan the easiest for you.

Overall, i think all of these products are innovative, creative and effective in making fake tan application the most efficient and easiest thing to do!

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