Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Aviva Dress*

I don't know if you've heard...but there's this dress website that I have just fallen in love with!! Aviva Dress have an easy website to use which allows you to browse through in awe at the ginormous amount of stunning dresses. I really am blown away with the classiness, variety and prices of these dresses. Let's take a peek at some of my favourites. 
Now I know that prom is agesss away but there's no harm in getting in there early is there? Especially at these incredible prices for such gorgeous gowns! As you can see, I've chosen a range of dressees to suit different styles: from short prom dresses, to sexy Hollywood glam long prom dresses and the popular choice of...the Disney princess gown. Not only are they in different designs and lengths, but they have an amazing range of colours. There is bound to be a colour perfect for you on this fact I found so many for me. 

In all honesty, I wish that this was around at the time I bought my prom dress because these all look so unbelievably original and will definitely have everyone asking where you got your prom dress from!
Not only do Aviva Dress do prom dresses, but they sell wedding dresses perfect for any type of bride! I spent hours browsing through this section as they were all so beautiful and breath-taking; not only for the design but also for the price! With the sale on at the moment, these dresses were £99! Where else are you going to find a wedding dress for that price, quality and style? I literally wanted to buy every single dress. If you're a future bride, go take a look at these dresses because you will honestly be blown away.

 Here are some of my top picks! So one of my particular favourites was the vintage lace style wedding dress, everyone loves a bit of lace...right? Next was my pick for a more glamorous bride by which I mean someone who prefers a bit more glitz and glam with the jewels. I particularly love the halter-neck on this dress which gives it a bit of originality.

 My last pick is one for the Kate Middleton style dress. This dress is a plus size dress which I think gives Aviva Dress another gold star. Not only has it catered to all women, but all shapes, sizes and still has the ability to make all of them look beautiful. Also, they sell accessories such as veils as well as mother of the bride dresses and flower girl dresses - what could be more perfect? All in one place! No matter what kind of bride you'll be, there's a dress here to suit you.
Not getting married or going to prom but in need of a stunning evening dress? Well guess what? Aviva Dress do that too! From evening dresses, to cocktail dresses to formal dresses, no doubt that what you need is catered for. Here's another section of the website that I spent hours looking at (and even had my Mum staring at too!). We were both in shock at how beautiful these dresses were without breaking the bank. I remember saying "I feel like that should be worn on a red carpet" because the dresses looked that amazing.

 Here are my top picks for the evening gowns: The 'classic glamour' look was one that caught my eye as it really did look like Lana Del Rey but also the dress seemed to fit in all the right place and give that effortless look to it. Again another lace number was thrown in the mix as well as the peach coloured dainty, long dress which really got my attention. The neckline was something I'd never really seen before and the colour is so refreshing. This is definitely saved in my favourites!

So Aviva Dress is a must. Any dress, any occasion, any colour, any size, any style.There is bound to be something that catches your eye! I wanted to get everything!

Did I mention... there's a sale on?!
Go grab some bargains!

Thank you Aviva Dress for allowing me to review you!