Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Primark Jewellery

Here are some pieces of jewellery and accessories currently stocked at Primark which I think are affordable and perfect to wear with so many choices of outfits!
 First is this cute little handbag mirror for only £1! It comes in a variety of designs, but this one was my favourite and caught my eye! It's a sturdy mirror, so no need to worry about it being broken.

 Next is this sparkly gem! It's a gold curved necklace with sliver glitter in the middle which I think is perfect for wearing with plain black jumpers (I bought a black jumper at Primark for £5 and they go perfectly together!). It could go with so many items of clothing, so for £3, it's worth purchasing.

 Next is my favouriteeee of them all! This cute, colourful, floral statement necklace is perfect for plain tops and shirts but also great to pair with a patterned top with one of these many colours in! I love to wear this top with my Primark blue striped tee. I bought this for £4, which I just couldn't say no to. Such a gorgeous design!

This necklace cost me £3 and is great again, with basically anything. That statement silver metal goes with any colour, pattern or style. I love that it doesn't have a chain all around and instead it's a strip of metal which makes it look so much more classy and expensive.
Finally is this metal hair clip which was £2! Such a brilliant price for something that looks far more expensive. I've had a few compliments on this and when I told them it was Primark, they were in total shock! It works brilliantly and looks lovely in your hair!

So those are my top buys from Primark in the jewellery and accessories section, what have you bought from there recently that you're loving? Let me know!