Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Beauty Bite: ELF's Eyelid Primer in 'Sheer'

 Now I've heard some wonderful things about this product so I just had to try it out! For someone like me who has oily eyelids and eyeshadow doesn't really like to stay very long, this is the kind of product I like! This Little tube of primer is a brilliant steal price at £1.50. You can't really leave something so great there for such an amazing and affordable price.
It comes with an easy brush/sponge applicator which is great for when you need to quickly do your make up. You only need a small amount of this product for it to work it's magic which is an even bigger bonus! It makes your eyeshadows appear brighter and more vibrant as well as making them last long. 
 You can buy this eyelid primer in 4 shades, so do not panic if the shade 'sheer' is not for you! You can also buy it in 'Champagne', 'Pearl' and 'Golden'. This product blends out beautifully and doesn't make your eyeshadow crease which is also a real problem for me with eyeshadows. It's also lightweight so doesn't feel heavy on your eyelids after a long day.
All in all, this is a budget friendly, eyelid loving primer (you'll probably love it too, not just your eyelids).
If you're in need of a primer or if you've never tried one before and wish to give it a go, this is definitely something to try!

Plus, ELF have a sale on right now...so go go go!