Saturday, 17 May 2014

Summer shopping sprees!

Summer is on the horizon and already we can see the blazing sunshine! This always gives me the urge to go out and buy some new clothes and usually summer dresses!

So here are my top 3 newest summer dresses that I've purchased.

On the left is a mint coloured dress from Primark. This £13 dress has and under skirt and a chiffon dress over the top. Mint green is definitely a spring and summer trend at the moment so this is perfect to wear! It comes with a brown belt which for Primark isn't that bad. It's knee length and really comfortable to wear. The front has a gorgeous pleated section at the top and the back has a small cutout at the top in a teardrop shape with a button to secure it. At this price, you can't really argue!

In the middle is a dress from H&M. The most recent purchase of them all and also the cheapest! This dress comes in at £7.99! Such a cheap dress but feels way more expensive. This dress is very fitted and has a slight jersey/elastane material which is so comfortable. It also isn't see through which is often a big problem with stretchy material. I absolutely adore this mixed pattern design! It has a mix of floral and animal print which works well without looking cheap or tacky.

Finally is another dress from H&M but slightly more expensive at £14.99 but still highly affordable. This dress is again incredibly fitted with a small zip at the back and is made from a slightly thicker stretchy material. The nautical theme that this dress has is perfect for beach days! The sections on the waist which have the material design going in the opposite way also make you look slimmer which is always a plus!

So there are my top 3 dresses for spring and summer!
What are your favourite summer clothes?
Let me know below!