Sunday, 22 June 2014

Barry M Matte Top Coat Nail Paint

Everywhere you look the makeup trend of 'matte-ness' (I might have just made that up) seems to be popping up in every type of makeup product. Barry M started not long ago making a line of matte nail polishes.
(You can see my review of the shade 'Vanilla' HERE)
But it can be tiring and expensive for you to buy every shade you like in a normal shiny nail polish and a matte. I know my purse was missing my pounds and pennies!
Therefore Barry M has come up with a genius solution to not only mine but many other nail polish lovers problems. The matte top coat.
 This product definitely caught my eye in Superdrug while taking a unplanned stroll through the shop. However, it's £2.99 in Superdrug and £3.99 in if you want to save some money, you know where to go!
This product is unbelievably simple to use, you really cannot go wrong! You apply a coat of your chosen nail polish and then once that is dry,  you apply a top coat of the Barry M Matte Nail Paint. 
In this example I've used Collection's Hot Looks Fast Dry nail polish in a bright red shade named '29: Big Hair'.
 As you can see from above, these are the results! The left is the coat of the 'Big Hair' nail polish and on the left is after the matte top coat has been applied. I loved how it turned out because I become self conscious of wearing brightly coloured nail polish but the matte top coat mutes it and makes those bright shades far more wearable. Although I would say, it really doesn't last that long because  it chips quite easily. I absolutely love this but don't expect it to last a long time.
So here's the finished nails! I can't get enough of this top coat, especially for one so affordable.
Have any of you tried this matte top coat or any other matte top coat?
Let me know in the comments!
Give it a go!