Friday, 27 June 2014

MUA's Powder Blush in the shade 'Candyfloss'

 I've always seen people love MUA's blushers. In search for a new, less shimmery blush (I currently use the mosaic blush in English Rose) I stumbled upon this little beauty. Once again, MUA didn't break my bank balance as this gorgeous blusher is only £1! Who can argue with that?
 There was quite a good range of colours available but this one really grabbed my attention. It's the perfect colour for getting that natural 'flush' which is what blusher is intended for. It has a slight shimmer in it, but nothing too in your face. In general, it's quite a matte blusher which is perfect for the summer.
 The packaging is perfect. It's sturdy and strong so I know that it won't get broken while being battered around in my cluttered makeup bag! I also know that the lid won't come flying off either, the lid stays on strong.
 Here you can see the slight shimmer.

It has a great pigmentation without having that chalky consistency. Often blushers can be chalky and dusty which can often lead to loss of pigmentation when applied. But this isn't like that. It's surprisingly creamy and blends well to give that soft blush look.

Overall, I'm in love with this blusher! It's everything you'd want for a blusher, especially when it suits so many skin types! For a pound, you can't go wrong.

Have you tried MUA's £1 blushers? What do you think of them?
Let me know in the comments! :)