Sunday, 29 June 2014

W7 Full Time Lip Colour in the shade 'Mars'*

So the lovely brand of W7 sent me their newest product to test. It's the Full Time Lip Colour!
It's essentially a duo ended product- One end is the lip stain and the other is a clear lip gloss. W7 claims that this is a long lasting product, I'll let you know what I thought of that later in the blogpost when I put this to the test! When I got this in the post, I jumped for joy! It looked amazing! I think the packaging design is gorgeous, I particularly love the different styles of fonts used on the front.

Clear gloss

Duo ended. Clear gloss and red lip stain.
 So once taken out of it's plastic casing, you come to this magical lip product! (You'll see why it's magic in a bit...) You can either go matte or go glossy by using just the red lip stain on it's own or add the gloss to add a bit of a shine! I think that this is such a great aspect of the lip stain as you can get two looks with simply one product! You could even go from daytime to nighttime with a basic stroke of the gloss.

 So I did a day test on this product on my Youtube channel and tested the wear of the product throughout the day to see if it really did live up to the "full time lip" that it claims to be. I followed the steps apart from adding the gloss as I wanted to simply put the red lip stain to the test. 

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this product really does stay!! Multiple times throughout the day I'd ask family members: "has it worn off?!" But in general, it really didn't budge. The only part of it that came off was the inner part of my bottom lip where it's a bit wet. I also mentioned in my video that it did slightly flake off but I honestly do think that that was due to dry skin on my lips rather than the product.

The colour didn't change. It didn't fade and the texture didn't change. I ate, drank and went about my daily routine without the product changing since the first application. However, even though I did mention that I loved the "matte-ness" of the lip stain, it does feel drying so it is a good idea to apply the gloss on top.

 I will admit that application itself was a struggle. I didn't apply a lip liner (which was a hugeee mistake). If you're going to wear this, I strongly suggest you line your lips before application because it's a bit difficult to put on. I found it hard to get the edges even and straight which may have been easier with a lip liner. I also found that this shade for me was extremely bright and not my particular colour but for someone else I think it would be beautiful! If W7 made these in other shades, maybe a pink, I would rush out to buy straight away!
I would strongly recommend that you follow step 3 by having an oil based makeup remover because it took a hell of a scrubbing to get this bad boy off! (The staying power is remarkable).
Overall, I think it's an amazing product! It does exactly what it says it will do. It doesn't fade, doesn't bleed or smudge and it has such a beautiful look when applied. If you're looking for a bright shade of red to wear on a night out or a day where you're feeling extra confident, glide this beauty on!

Give it a try!