Saturday, 28 June 2014

Scent Saturday: So...? In Love

I've decided to do a new series on my blog called "Scent Saturday" in which every Saturday I put up a post of a perfume, fragrance or scented product that I think is worth buying and smells amazingggg. Here's Scent Saturday #1.
 It's the So...? In Love. I've always loved So...? as a brand for body sprays and the absolute favourite body spray I own is theirs in So...? In Love. Recently I took a a wander into Superdrug and this lovely little bottle was on offer for £2.99! Bargain! So I grabbed it and have used it ever since. It's a lovely fruity fragrance, smells a lot like strawberries. I love the smell and love wearing it when I want to wear a fragrance but not an expensive perfume.

So Scent Saturday #1 is dedicated to So...? In Love.