Tuesday, 24 June 2014

F&F Galaxy Glow Face Highlighter (Pic heavy)

 I've never really tried highlighters and the ones I may have quickly swatched or read about have been powder highlighters. Recently my local Tesco Extra had a sale on in the make-up aisle so I ran like lightning! I came across this little box, not really knowing what it was until I popped open the box.

 Out comes this beautiful glass jar which looks unbelievably sleek and sophisticated for a supermarket brand. Then I saw it was a highlighter that was a cream which made me jump for joy!

As you can see, it's a gorgeous off-white colour with a slight bit of shimmer in which is perfect for highlighting beneath your under eye area and on the tops of your cheek bones. I was worried how this would come out. At first look I expected the product to be hard and more of a lip balm like hard consistency which would result in difficult application but this was the complete opposite! 
 It was smooth like a buttery/,creamy sort of texture which was a dream to apply! It wasn't greasy or overly shiny which some highlighters can be. It applied a decent amount of time, but not all day like the rest of my makeup. But it did a good job at lasting a reasonable length of time throughout the day.  I got this in the sale for about £1-£2 which I really can't complain at. It's original price and price online at Tesco is £4.75 which is such a reasonable price for such a good product in such lovely packaging.
Overall, I really love this product and I think it really is a worth while buy.
Have you bought anything from the F&F makeup line?

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